“École Nuages” Masterclass

The “Ecole Nuages” Masterclass aims to provide all those who work with children every day with unique tools to help them engage and develop their creativity through art.The masterclass is a bilingual project (French, Italian), whose subtitles have not yet been translated. If you have any questions about licensing in another language, please contact us.

What does the masterclass include?
The Ecole Nuages masterclass aims to provide all those who work with children with unique tools to help them engage and develop their creativity through art.
Who is the masterclass for?
Teachers, educators, social and cultural workers... anyone who works with children in any way.
10 lessons
10 lessons of 30 minutes to study the philosophy of the collective workshop and to discover a pedagogy of the Game declined to the art.
15 workshops
15 original workshops by Hervé Tullet and Alessandra Falconi to get inspired and create in group.
Les auteurs
Hervé Tullet
Internationnaly acclaimed Children’s book author, Herve Tullet is also a multi-faceted artist who creates tirelessly, with all the media at his disposal: painting, sculpture, video, performance... At the heart of his work and art is the idea that play is an unparalleled vehicle for creation and learning. His creative experiences integrate the participants, placing them on the same level as the artist and offering everyone the "possibility of making".
Alessandra Falconi
Italian educator, specialist of Bruno Munari and Alberto Manzi, Alessandra Falconi is the founder of Centro Zaffiria, a center for media education that promotes digital creativity and trains teachers and educators worldwide since 1998 (Japan, Korea, Senegal, Europe). She designs toys and educational materials in collaboration with Erickson and with her brand : Italiantoy.

In June 2022, a group of 50 Italian teachers lived a unique artistic and pedagogical experience.  For two weeks, in the heart of the Italian Friuli mountains, they participate in a series of workshops and conferences led by Hervé Tullet and the pedagogue Alessandra Falconi aiming to question and transform their school practices via an immersion in the artist's creative universe.

The masterclass documents this original pedagogical experience. From the workshops and moments of life lived at the "École Nuages", Hervé and Alessandra extracted 10 concepts summarized in 10 words. 10 words that give the viewer the keys to imagine a new school, to rethink their daily work, to gain confidence in the creative process, to have new "anchor points" and to free their creativity to relearn how to design with children.
The masterclass in 10 words
La masterclass en 10 mots
Collectiveness opens up new spaces of freedom
The simplest things feed ideas
Why and how to no longer limit space to the simple space on the sheet
Children are the adults of tomorrow! We must think about them as often as possible.
Chance can become a rule
"Play is a serious activity" with rules made to be followed (or broken).
The child needs movement. It is through it that he finds his autonomy.
One answer to fragility is ambition, because children are sensitive to it.
Accidents are inevitable. They are the rule. We must live them with lightnesss and seek it.
Mistakes are often experienced with fear when they are the source of the unexpected.